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Pet Medic Pet Medic

  • Publish Date: 01-05-17

Pet Medic (pet ambulance) http://pet-medic.webnode.cz/ 724 184 840 petmedic@centrum.cz Pet Medic are first-aid ambulance but it's so good to have their number!

Pet Medic (pet ambulance)…

Dog sitter Demo Dog sitter Demo

  • Publish Date: 09-12-16

I have fostered and rehabilited 5 dogs in Czech Republic. All with food issues, confidence problems and fear of being alone. All have been re-homed and happy. I grew up with labs ( 11 at once :) But we had 3 for 15 years. I now have a large 6 bed house ,…

I have fostered and…

Price per hour: 200

Price per day : 1000

Short Description : Highly experienced with small and large dogs. Long term dog owner, fostered 3 dogs and happily re-homed. I have Lab/Shepard Mix called Charlie at the moment who needs another friend or two :)

Motol Motol

  • Publish Date: 04-12-16

Big big big :)

Big big big :)


Vitkov Vitkov

  • Publish Date: 04-12-16

Bit small but very central and nice.

Bit small but very central and…

Hostivar Hostivar

  • Publish Date: 04-12-16

dogs can run , swim and socialise here :)

dogs can run , swim and…

Vinohradská Vinohradská

  • Publish Date: 04-12-16

Vinohradska , nice open space.

Vinohradska , nice open space.


Stromovka Park Stromovka Park

  • Publish Date: 04-12-16

Ladronka Because of the big skate trail, parents centre , and huge fields of dogs to run around this is my fav place to go :)

Ladronka Because of the big…

Stromovka Park Stromovka Park

  • Publish Date: 04-12-16

Arguably the best Dog park in Prague due to its size and the volume of dog owners who frequent the park.

Arguably the best Dog park in…

Letna Park Letna Park

  • Publish Date: 04-12-16

Letna park excellent to let your dog run free.

Letna park excellent to let…


Dog Agility Park Dog Agility Park

  • Publish Date: 04-12-16

In Czech sorry :) http://www.dogsmagazin.cz/dogs/magazin/novinky/otevren-novy-agility-park-na-praze-4/

In Czech sorry :)…

Naxeravet Naxeravet

  • Publish Date: 04-12-16

www.naxeravet.cz Soběslavská 27/2521, 130 00 Praha 3, okr. Praha tel.: +420 271733648 e-mail: naxera@tiscali.cz

www.naxeravet.cz Soběslavská…

Vetcentrum Stodůlky Vetcentrum Stodůlky

  • Publish Date: 04-12-16

Vetcentrum Stodůlky http://www.vetcentrum.cz/ Address: K Hájům 946/10, 155 00 Praha 5 Phone:251 511 651

Vetcentrum Stodůlky…