Just realized TEFL lied to you? :)  

If you kids, you are teaching, aint as cute as in the movies,
If you g
ot yelled at for moving a cup on a Czech teachers desk,

If you havent had any beautiful Czech girls pay you just to look into your eyes then this is the place for you  :D

Seriously it isn't all that bad............... the pay is pretty good.....right? ;) 

Having been in, probably, all of your shoes, at one point or another, I decided to put some time into a few tongue in cheek blogs for folks getting used to life in Czech but more importantly how to deal and thrive teaching in the Czech Republic.  .........
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The following are little blogs / teaching ideas/lesson plans I have used, and mostly created myself ,over the past 7 years - 8 years.
(Tefl will not teach you any of these, unless they stole the ideas from me :) ) 

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Hangover Monday

Hangover II


Summer Camps!

Emoji Health 


Feel free to post a comment below, This page IS intended to help teachers. I would LOVE to have other educators tell their stories and lessons so if you are interested gimmie a pm. 

 I will try and post a new article/ help blog every week or two.

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