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As a native teacher you will be tempted to play nursery rhymes to your children. Humpty Dumpty , ba ba black sheep ( PC culture not here sorry :) ) 
 However songs that educate and help kids learn english are out there and can be alot more fun! 

This playlist is one used in Miluj English Preschools. Full of actions, nice tunes and FUN! :) 

Quick Tip : Just because kids can sing the ABC song it doesn't me they understand what they are saying. Don't make the mistake of thinking just because they can sing and say the words that they know what they are. 

For example ask the kids to sing to H and stop them. Then ask them to point to the letter H. Can they do it? 
Songs are enjoyed and learned in our native countries bcause we understand them as they ar ein our language. Using songs and thinking children ( who dont speak English)  will understand the meanings intuitively is a recipe for disaster. Songs should really be used to help pronunciation or be joined with actions so understanding is part of the process. 

Memorizing the ABC song and thinking job done is one of the most common mistakes Native teachers make in the educational process.  

Remember songs are good \ bad depending on what the native speaker does to encourage the kids to listen and sing along.

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