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Živno Overview: The "Whys" to the most common questions.
A small article based on questions we get from employees and friends.  

For EU folks & American Natives.  

If you are from the EU:  
As a "Euro" its far cheaper and easier to get a Zivno than being a non Euro.

You will need:
To book an appointment at your local Public building
A pen No joke.
A Czech speaker \ translator
1000kc for application cost
2 hours ( just incase they are busy or complications, often it takes 45min or less)
To fill out a form which mainly consists of boxes to tick. These boxes should ALL be ticked ( it does not cost anything more to do this just tick them all)
Letter from Landlord saying you live where you live.
Police Check ( you get from embassy, British Embassy cost was 1200kc for me)
Passport ( they will make a copy there, do not take a copy of your passport take your actual passport)

Once you have gone through a few questions about where you live etc..... you will get your zivno number to write down, but it will be posted to you later dont worry.
You will also get your tax code and health insurance code which you must pay monthly. 
Every April you will be expected to pay your taxes. Its highly advisable to pay an accountant ( 1500kc ish) to do it all for you. Seriously much better option plus if there are any mistakes its their fault and you wont get into trouble. But if you do it yourself and make a mistake it can result in fines.
Do I need a Zivno if I am from the EU?
No, BUT....  

Due to the changes in teaching laws over the past few years , especially teaching children, it is highly advisable to get a Zivno.  
Nearly all private schools \ projects only pay by invoice which means Zivno Zivno Zivno.

However if the government is paying you, state school \ government funded project, you CANNOT be paid by Zivno, only through a standard contractual agreement.

To work for a state school you will need to meet different criteria than working with a private school. ( See our advise about State vs Private)  

Why do private schools only take Zivno?  
They don't "only" take Zivno but its preferred as it means the company doesn't have to pay any tax for hiring you.

HOWEVER a company cannot knowingly hire you if said company is your ONLY employer. (crazy I know) This means teachers must " invoice" more than one company. Be warned you and the school could be fined if you don't.

The above information is for E.U folks only.

America & Other: GET AN AGENCY!
Probably THE best advise I can give to Americans & others planning on working here in Czech. It can cost between 4000kc and 8000kc depending on the agency and if you get a TEFL discount.
But please please please trust me when I say get an agency to do it for you. The complications that can occur are numerous and its NEVER smooth.

The rules for our friend's across the water change constantly. why? Mostly due to tax and health insurance.

However a few years ago The Czech Republic had a problem. They had no teachers. 
Prague, especially, simply could not compete with Vienna and Berlin in regards to paying teachers. Even now the majority of Brits only teach in Vienna and Berlin, few come to Prague and those that do do not often stay in the teaching profession or move within a few months.  

So due to these issues a few years ago ( 7 years I think) the Czech government made it REALLY REALLY easy for Americans to get a working visa.
When I say easy i mean easy easy easy easy.
Can you guess what happend next?
Americans came to Prague in their 1000s , why? To work as a teacher in The Czech Republic? hahahahahahaha no.
They came , got their visas, then skipped off to travel Europe. The visa they received from the Czech government allowed them to stay in any country in Europe for a year and in the uk for 1 extra year. ( I swear its the truth)
But of course being westerners they took advantage of this , well ment law, and abused it. Taxes were not payed, companies who vouched for the visa applicants were left after 1 month with no teachers, Landlords had suddenly empty apartments etc etc.......

So the sit rep is now: 90 day stay, first 6 month visa, then another 6 month or 1 year visa etc..... plus you have to pay health insurance in advance AND Americans must go to Berlin, Vienna or Bratislava to get their documents.
And of course Zivno is now a requirement, not an option.

I'm Amercian, how long does it take?
Because the Visa and Zivno are linked it can take from 1 month to 6 months. Especially if you are only applying in August \ September ( busiest time in Europe to get this sorted) 
Make sure you have every single document you need. EVERYTHING. A tiny mistake on your given address , for example, can mean you have to leave the country for 90 days. (no joke)   

How do I know my number is valid? OR I lost my number what do I do?
Easy answer go here -
Type in your name or Zivno number and all your details will be there. 

I just looked at OMG it got a lot of personal info is this public?

Yes its all public, so if you have been bad people know where to find you in your home country :)  

TA DA! :)

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