Quick Tips! 

1) Don't do TEFL. ( no school needs it and PLEASE never use their c.v or email templates)  

2) Travel as little as possible ( It sucks the life out of you travelling an hour then working an hour and so on...) 

3) Do you drink? Then don't take a lesson before 12 noon ( unless you like having a new job every other month) 

4) Don't date co -workers ( you've been warned)

5) NEVER touch a Czech teachers coffee cup! and NEVER leave anything on their black board!

Vlogs from locals


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Family Teacher Family Teacher

Prague 11
  • Publish Date: 16-09-15
  • Price: $275.00

We have an option of teaching 2 kids in Chodov  ( close to red line metro)  twice a week , one day Mondays at 2:30pm and the other tbc.  Please email : info@milujenglish.cz

We have an option of teaching…